Chester Bennington was and is the voice of multiple generations. His passion and talent has oozed from him for decades bringing hope and joy to millions of music fans around the globe. He helped bridge a gap between pop, rock and rap music showing everyone just how versatile he was as a vocalist and musician and proving to everyone that boundaries simply do not exist when it comes to art. Thank you Chester for inspiring me and countless others. Your voice lives on and will be heard and enjoyed for many decades to come. - Ben #RIPChester

Welcome to Alexandria Place, a fashion forward community run by and designed by us, personally. For the first time in our decade long career we have been awarded our merchandise rights back. To put things simply, we now have complete creative control and freedom to make sure that you guys get quality, fashionable clothing and accessories that we personally put our hearts and passion into. Say goodbye to poor quality band merch and hello to your new favourite wardrobe. Thank you all so much for your continued love and support and welcome, finally, to ALEXANDRIA PLACE, your place. (Link in bio) Http:// Ben

Life is all about the ups and downs. We have been on top of the world and buried at rock bottom. But we never give in, we never let shit keep us down. We are here and we are here to stay. Keep working hard at what you love because it's all worth it in the end - @benjaminpaulbruce

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